Simon Allison

About the Author Simon Allison

Simon Allison is the Africa Correspondent for South African newspaper the Daily Maverick as well as a Consultant at the Institute for Security Studies


THINK AGAIN: Why the UN’s failure in Juba will affect aid workers everywhere

On 11 July at around 3pm – just as a new bout of fighting in Juba was beginning to die down – dozens of government soldiers stormed into the Terrain Hotel. The hotel is popular with expatriates and international aid workers. Over the course of the next four hours, occupants of the hotel were gang-raped, robbed and assaulted, with American citizens especially targeted. Why did the peacekeepers choose not to intervene?


THINK AGAIN: Zimbabwe’s war veterans flee Mugabe’s sinking ship

8 August is Heroes’ Day in Zimbabwe. The annual holiday celebrates the men and women who fought on the winning side in Zimbabwe’s brutal war of independence, and is synonymous with parades, pageantry and pro-government propaganda. But this year, the heroes themselves didn’t show up. Despite being among Robert Mugabe’s loudest cheerleaders over the past few decades, Zimbabwe’s surviving war veterans have made a decisive break with the nonagenarian president.