Alex Taremwa

About the Author Alex Taremwa

Alex is a Ugandan Journalist and Founding Editor of The Transparent Magazine.

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Youth unemployment in Uganda and the deadly relationship with illegal migration, human trafficking and modern slavery.

Uganda has been plagued by high numbers of cases of human trafficking of young people to the middle east. Due to a lack of stringent laws and minimum government intervention, it continues to be a large problem. Alex Taremwa explores the high youth unemployment rate in Uganda and how it feeds this dangerous form of modern slavery.

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Why the 2016 election results will be highly contested

As the people of Uganda prepare to go the polls on Thursday one is left to wonder whether Presidential elections have seized to be a legitimate exercise through which power exchanges hands or a ritual that the citizens indulge to simulate their civic duty. In her 54-year history, nine heads of state have occupied the nation’s state house, but never has a sitting president wilfully handed over the keys to another.


Besigye arrest puts the police on the spot as room for freedom of expression narrows ahead of Uganda polls

According to the EC statistics, over 15 million voters are expected to turn up for the highly anticipated voting exercise but if the intimidation, arrest or threat of arrest, and violence continue to dominate Uganda’s public sphere, voter turnout could go down as in past elections , affecting the outcome of the election. What can we expect? Alex Taremwa from Kampala reports.

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ICC, trade, regional integration and oil rule Uganda’s 2nd presidential debate

The second Ugandan presidential debate will go down in history for two reasons: the first is the attendance of the incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who had snubbed the first debate held on January 15 and second, the fact that Museveni shook hands with his friends cum foes; Dr. Kiiza Besigye, his former personal doctor a the former premier Amama Mbabazi, without Papal intervention.