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#WCW Rapelang Rabana, improving Education in Africa

Our WCW this week is Rapelang Rabana, a technology entrepreneur and founder of Rekindle Learning. Through her company, she seeks to improve education in Africa by encouraging people to use their phones to learn.



Born in Gaborone, Botswana, Rapelang moved to Johannesburg and went to school at the University of Cape Town to study Computer Science.  At the university, Rapelang discovered a number of problems could be easily solved using technology.

Technology is what allows us to put our values into practice. Access to knowledge, information, education, to other people and opportunities – the ways in which technology can be used to make an impact are endless. Using technology to bring about inspirational change is my life.

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A year after she graduated, Rapelang was part of the team of an innovative company called Yeigo. Yeigo developed one of the world’s earliest mobile VOIP applications.

Following the purchase of Yiego shares by Telfree, Rapelang became the leader of the company’s Research and Development department.

In 2013, Rapelang founded Rekindle Learning, a company that offers digital learning services that envisioned improved learning efficiencies in school and work.

Rekindle Learning also uses KnowledgeFox to personalise learning so that they can improve the student’s learning performance and enable them work on their weak areas.

The company also acknowledges the increased levels of unemployment across the continent and seeks to increase the employability of more young people. Rekindle uses the English Word Power, an online bridging programme to develop and improve their English language skills and proficiency levels.

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As an entrepreneur, Rapelang has been recognised by a number of organisations. In 2011, the World Economic Forum selected her as a Global Shaper. In 2012, Rabelang was on Oprah Magazine South Africa O Power List and 30 under 30 Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs list by Forbes Africa.

In 2013, Rapelang named Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance Associate and one of 20 Young Power Women in Africa by Forbes Africa.

The World Economic Forum named her the Entrepreneur for the World in the Youth category in 2014, listed her among the 15 Women Changing the World in 2015 and the Young Global Leader in 2017.

Ventures Africa named her one of the 2016 African innovators to watch.