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Young Continent, Old Leaders

Currently at 1.2 billion, Africa’s population is projected to more than double by 2050 and quadruple by 2100, reaching 4 billion. Young people make up a large part of Africa’s population but the continent is home to aging and many of the world’s longest-serving presidents. Unemployment is a reality across the continent and with the projected doubling population by 2050 new political, social and economic challenges face Africa. While African youth still remain marginalised in terms of political and civic engagement/involvement, the trend is beginning to change, and Africa’s growing and large youth population presents great opportunities.

Africa Day: Youth participation, the power is in our hands. Cartoon credit: Tony Namate/This is Africa
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Media development in Africa: Telling our own African stories

Africa is not a country, but for a long time a single narrative about the continent has been told. Western, Asian and European powers know the importance of telling their stories. Countries in these regions have established media outlets that sell their narratives, religious beliefs, social, cultural ideals and political philosophies. This is hardly the case with African countries, and it should be addressed.

Supreme Court ruling annuls Kenya's presidential election result. Cartoon: Damien Glez

Cartoon: Supreme Court ruling annuls Kenya’s presidential election result

Kenya’s Supreme Court on September 1 invalidated presidential election result of the August 8 poll, which saw the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Court ruled that the vote was marred by “irregularities and illegalities”. The Court said the election “was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and … is invalid”. The ruling seen as a triumph for democracy and constitutionalism, and it has been widely celebrated across the continent, welcomed as an important precedent. Kenyatta will once again face a stern test from opposition leader Raila Odinga in the rerun scheduled for October 17.


Cartoon: Why do some African leaders cling to power?

Africa has seen some of its leaders clinging to power for decades. Some of these leaders will rather die hanging on to power than to handing it over to someone else. There are cases where some leaders continue to cling on by changing the constitution, removing term limits to stay in power. In recent years, a number of leaders have been successfully removed from power (Yahya Jammeh in The Gambia, more recently), but there are still a number of leaders prepared to manipulate the political processes to extend their stay in power.