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This Is My Africa campaign: We asked and you responded with wonderful submissions

Thanks Africa! We have had a lot of positive feedback from you about our new “This Is My Africa” campaign which aims to promote positive images about our continent. We asked you to show us your Africa and you did. We will be publishing an article with your submissions every week so Keep them coming! Here are a few of the great submissions we have received already.



Campaigns like “This Is My Africa” are only sustainable if we train the next generation of photographers to take up the art. It’s never too early to start either. From her submission, that’s certainly a sentiment shared by Ola Alsheikh from Sudan.self portrait Teaching photography for kids

Alsheikh: This is a self portrait of me and my photography students. I was introducing photography to kids at Steps international school Omdurman, Sudan.Mohamed sharhabil

Alsheikh: This is Mohamed Sharhabil Ahmed, a famous guitarist and drummer in Sudan.the painter

Alsheikh : This is a photo I took of the young artist Hazim Alhussain in the process of painting a mural project in Yalla, Khartoum. Alhussain is a member of Khaish studio.

Photographer: Ola Alsheikh

Country: Sudan

City: Khartoum



This photograph taken by Karen Chan on a rooftop in Nairobi, Kenya reminds us, in its own subtle way, of the indelible mark left by the late Muhammad Ali.Karen Chan - Kenya ...

Chan: This is a photograph of a rooftop celebration after the Amani Institute social innovation student presentations at PAWA 254. Mohammed and Hassan, both filmmakers, are admiring a mural painted to remember Muhammad Ali. PAWA254 is a hotbed of activism where art is promoted as a vehicle for social change.

Photographer: Karen Chan

Country: Kenya

City: Nairobi



And yes, we encourage you to be as playful and inventive as you can you can with your submissions. Selfies are cool too. Rosemary Wanjiru from Kenya doesn’t need a memo about that. Taken slightly after dawn, Wanjiru’s photo shows her bathed in glorious sunlight.

Rosemary Wanjiru - Kenya

Wanjiru: This can only be taken in my Africa!

Photographer: Rosemary Wanjiru

Country: Kenya



Finally, a special thanks to Martha Tadesse, a self-taught photographer and storyteller who made her cache of photos shot in around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia available to us. Hat tip Tadesse!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.29.18

Tadesse: Team work. I’ll will do the pedals, you do the handlebars.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.31.10

Tadesse: Empty beer bottles going back to the brewery. Beer production is one of the most lucrative industries in Ethiopia. Beer companies provide much of the money for advertising in the media and also sponsor events.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.33.13

Tadesse: Dorze village is 30km away from Arba Minch in Southern Ethiopia. The Dorze community is known for traditional weaving and cotton spinning. Boys learn weaving at the age of 10 and girls learn spinning at 7. The scarves and hats come in different colours and designs.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.40.36

Tadesse: Getahun (on the right) performs the Dorze traditional dance with his friend. Dorze men would wear leopard skin and their colourful pants, carry spear and shield on holidays and different events.

Photographer: Martha Tadesse

Country: Ethiopia