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DJ Zhao is a journalist, visual designer, and ambassador of rhythm exploring various subaltern currents of thought and bringing the best classic and modern dance music together from all five continents, with focus on African, Afro-Diasporic, and Africanized music and culture. Whether with words, sounds, or images, Dj Zhao demonstrates deep connections between wildly disparate times and places, forms and ideas, with a post-colonial historical perspective, regularly performing and speaking all over the globe. More info:


China-Africa: A New Accord

For 500 years foreign agency in the land of Africa has been exclusively self serving and brutally exploitative. Thus it is nearly impossible to imagine any other kind of relationship between outsiders and Africans. But today, at such a crucial juncture of global transformation, it is vitally important to not only imagine, but to observe and support the building of exactly a different kind of relationship.