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Senior Researcher, Governance, Crime and Justice Division, ISS Pretoria

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SA local government elections: EFF rising while ANC dithers

Disclaimer: a full stadium does not necessarily translate into votes. Two weekends ago, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) put on what can only be described as a very impressive show. First to launch its manifesto was the African National Congress (ANC), followed by the Democratic Alliance (DA). The latter fared better in terms of attracting a crowd, but neither managed to fill a stadium.

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South Africa in 2016: drought, race and hashtag revolutions

South Africans were happy to see the back of 2015, having had just about enough of fractious politics and on-again-off-again finance ministers. Yet in the midst of the heat wave and New Year’s festivities, we had Penny Sparrow – a hitherto unknown real estate agent from Cape Town – spewing racism. But, enough has been said about Sparrow and her specific form of bigotry.