Sandile Memela

About the Author Sandile Memela

Sandile Memela is a renowned South African columnist, cultural critic, journalist and writer.

sex & relationships

Who would truly love a man who has nothing?

It is still a rare experience for a simple and ordinary man, especially in the modern African community, to experience genuine love. Of course, men who feel that women love them for what they have and not who they are not in a peculiar situation. When men speak about women and love one can almost hear them say, “The prerequisite for love is material things. You must have a posh car, a plush house, fat bank account and some status.”

african identity

African faces, European minds

When one looks and listens to business, political and cultural leaders, we are most likely to see and hear speeches of African people that not only reinforce white supremacy but are rooted in European thinking. Our present orientation is not necessarily rooted in African thought, culture and heritage.