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Malawi wealth-seeker loses genitals to hyena

The money crazed man aged between 20 and 24, who was admitted to Ward B at Chipata General Hospital, said he lost his body parts following a witchdoctor’s instructions on how to attain wealth



In an unusual quest for riches, a young Malawi man lost his manhood and three toes to a hyena that attacked him as he carried out a witchdoctor’s instructions in a bush in Chipata, Zambia.

Chamangeni Zulu  of Njenjewa Village in Chief Mulonyeni’s area in Malawi is admitted to Chipata General Hospital after a hyena bit off his manhood and three toes of his left foot.

“I came from Malawi and when I arrived in Chipata I met some business persons who told me that the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body”, Mr Zulu narrated from his hospital bed last week.

He said the witchdoctor had not indicated the body parts that would be ‘lost’ and how, although he was told he would encounter a hyena.


Mr Zulu said after the incident, he crawled to a nearby road where some Police officers picked him and took him to the hospital.

Chipata General Hospital acting medical superintendent Humphrey Chanda confirmed that the young man was brought in by uniformed officers and he described Mr Zulu’s condition as stable.

Source: Times of Zambia

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