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Penises: To enlarge or not to enlarge

Some men call their penises ‘Sex Pistol’, ‘Big Guy’, ‘Drill Machine’ or ‘Mighty Joe’. It’s as if guys equate size with power – which can explain why penis enlargements is a growth industry. Meanwhile women seem less concerned…



Wikipedia describes penis enlargement as techniques that allegedly make the human penis increase in girth, length or hardness. Some men have been led to believe that women like men with big penises, so it’s no wonder they may want to resort to a penis enlargement if they are not as big as they wish.

But does a big penis actually equate to sexual satisfaction for women? While the size may matter for some, I think what matters most is what the penis is able – or unable – to do.

Shower scenes

The whole bigger penis fixation may actually be more psychological than physical. It likely begins when teen boys compare their penises in the showers after sporting. “Smaller” boys can be intimidated by the team captain with his big penis and all the girls flocking around him. Of course it’s not likely that these girls have ever even seen his penis and were more interested in his status as captain – but tell that to a teenage boy!

Pros and cons

I got varied responses from male acquaintances when I asked what they thought about penis enlargement. Some were negative saying that it’s un-African to get enlarged, on moral, ethical and religious grounds. A few mentioned being turned off by the cost factor, since they assumed it would be very expensive. Others expressed a lack of confidence in the ability of the professionals to carry out the procedure successfully. There were also fears of future side effects and public ridicule.


But there were also positive responses: these related to the lift in self-esteem that would come once the word got out to the females.



The ladies weigh in

Meanwhile, most of the females I talked to weren’t too bothered. They were of the opinion that as long as their partners satisfied them, then whatever length was fine. In fact, a few thought a larger penis would result in painful sex and were hence not at all enthusiastic about the idea.

Whether to enlarge or not is a personal decision. But a bigger penis does not always equate to better sex. After all, women can’t see the size of a penis when it’s still wrapped up in trousers. They fall in love with the man, not what he packs.

This article was first published by Love Matters (Kenya), and is republished here with their permission. Originally written by Patrick Wamukulu. 


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