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Africans with weird names

In countries like South Africa and Namibia, names usually have a meaning. They usually signify the event or circumstances surrounding a child’s birth or they represent the parent’s wishes and hopes for a child’s future. The introduction of English names for black people, however, has produced some hilarious results



We recently came across some a compilation of identity documents from The Apricity belonging to some unfortunate southern Africans who have been blessed with some weird names. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad.

Funny name

It’s pretty clear that this gentleman’s parents had high aspirations for his educational pursuits


strange names 4

One can only hope that ‘Jacko’ over here was not as ‘Wacko’ as his namesake

strange names 9

Okay, so this one isn’t English. It’s colloquial seTswana, a South African language. While his first name makes reference to male genitalia, the middle name is Afrikaans for ‘Pumpkin’.

strange names 7

Hmm. ‘Thoko Promise Magagula’ usually evokes the image of a woman of African descent. The photo, however, does not.

strange names 1

Well, what can one say about this?

strange names 2

In 1963, two South African rands could get you so much than what they can get you these days

strange names 3

If Victor really lived up to his middle name, he must be one of the most chilled out brothers around

Funny names

Most parents can fully agree with this name