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Divided Cameroon, relic of colonialism: A reverse Quebec in Africa?

The relics of colonialism are dispersed all over the continent, language being one of them. Cameroon’s anglophone population has protested about facing discrimination and under representation over the years. On October 1, the English speaking region declared their independence from Cameroon in peaceful protests. The protests on October 1 ended with more people dead and more division in the country. The crisis which is rooted in colonialism is far from over.

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French President Macron’s failed litmus test on Africa

With the new rhetoric many Western leaders are throwing, the narrative surrounding colonialism will eventually be shaped according to what the colonisers say, and not according to the experiences of Africans, the victims of the crimes. When the legacies of colonialism are pinned down to roads and hospitals, what becomes of the painful experiences, and stories of Africans who still bear its brunt? The definition and yardstick of civilisation really needs to be revisited and contested.

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Sincere apology or expediency? South Africa’s Helen Zille unreserved apologises for colonialism tweets

South African politician, Helen Zille has finally relented, publicly apologising for her tweets saying colonialism had positive aspects having fervently defended the offensive remarks. In previous tweets she’d said, “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.” On Power Fm she also declared that colonialism cannot be compared to holocaust. She said, “There is a big difference between genocide and colonialism. The holocaust was a deliberate attempt to murder 11-million people. There is a difference between colonialism and a deliberate genocidal project”. Zille’s colonialism comments caused major public outrage forcing her to apologise, following her suspension from her party, the Democratic Alliance.