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Malawi issues shoot order to protect albinos

In a brazen move to protect its albino citizens, Malawi law enforcement officials are now under instructions to shoot anyone who attempts to bring harm to an albino person or people

To combat a rising wave of violence on albino people in Malawi, police are under orders to shoot anyone who attacks an albino person in the country.

According to the United Nations, six attacks on albinos were reported in the southern African country in the first 10 weeks of 2015, a figure which more than doubled the stats for the previous year.

Last month, the Federation of Disability Association in Malawi (FEDOMA) demanded the government to enact a law that’d protect the lives of the country’s albinos.

Albinos lives are in constant danger in countries such as Malawi, Burundi and Tanzania, where their body parts are considered to be powerful tools in the practice of witchcraft. Tanzania recently outlawed witchcraft in a bid to curb the demand for the body parts.

Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation

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