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South Sudan’s Sex workers Substitute ARV Drugs for Condoms

Everyone’s focus is on the South Sudanese conflict and we are slowly forgetting that the war on HIV/AIDS must not stop, so much that the trend of using anti-retroviral drugs instead of condoms is going unnoticed

South Sudanese sex workers are choosing to have unprotected sex and pop post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) antiretroviral drugs instead.

“We don’t have money, so when we meet a client who offers more money than we usually get to have sex without protection, then we will do it – even when we don’t know his HIV status,” says Jane, a sex worker in South Sudan.

The national rate of HIV infection stands at 2.6 percent according to South Sudan’s AIDS Commission, while the national army (SPLA) has a five percent rate of infection 

The war on HIV/AIDS should not be abandoned because of the South Sudanese conflict, especially when antiretroviral drugs are being obtained illegally in clinics.

Source: Key Correspondents, Voice of America

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