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South Sudan presidency calls corruption report “a recipe for regime change”. “Don’t expect the president’s family to rent a house in a slum in Nairobi”

“Don’t expect us to live beneath our status”. That’s the reaction of South Sudan’s presidency to an explosive corruption report released earlier this week. The report, with meticulous detail, illustrated how president Salva Kiir, former vice president Riek Machar and the country’s military top brass have profiteered from civil war by siphoning off the proceeds of the young nation’s oil wealth. Kiir’s office called the report “a piece of Hollywood theatre” and has threatened to sue the people behind the exposé in the US

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Blood and greed: How Kenya and Uganda are cashing in on death and plunder in South Sudan

Whatever happened to African countries looking out for each other? Some Africans love talking up the existence of a vast Western conspiracy to loot the continent by fueling ethnic conflicts. Turns out African countries are just as good at that game themselves. A new explosive report by watchdog group The Sentry, has revealed how Kenya and Uganda have for years looked the other way as South Sudan’s leaders have stashed billions of stolen wealth in their banks and real state markets, all the while spilling the blood of innocents back home. If President Salva Kiir, former vice president Riek Machar and their generals, all have blood on their hands (which they do), then so do Kenya and Uganda for taking their money

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Interview: If you are passionate about the new Africa then wear African-made fashion

Kenyan fashion house KikoRomeo under its visionary founder and Head Designer Ann McCreath has helped put African fashion on the map for more than twenty years. KikoRomeo, is the biggest name in fashion in Kenya, McCreath’s adopted home, and the brand just had its best showing yet at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Johannesburg. In her first ever interview with This Is Africa, McCreath opens up about her brand’s continental ambitions, the state of the fashion industry in Africa and why leaders on the continent really need to start walking the talk when it comes to promoting “brand Africa”

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Can the AU help South Sudan where the UN is failing?

The world’s youngest country is anything but peaceful. Since fighting began in December 2013, civilian casualties have been a consistent feature of the South Sudanese civil war. A peace agreement signed in August 2015 provided a brief respite from the worst of the violence, but last month saw a vivid return to ethnically motivated killing.This has been happening despite the presence of a relatively large United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force in the capital Juba, and begs the question whether the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is up to the task. Can the African Union intervene?


THINK AGAIN: Why the UN’s failure in Juba will affect aid workers everywhere

On 11 July at around 3pm – just as a new bout of fighting in Juba was beginning to die down – dozens of government soldiers stormed into the Terrain Hotel. The hotel is popular with expatriates and international aid workers. Over the course of the next four hours, occupants of the hotel were gang-raped, robbed and assaulted, with American citizens especially targeted. Why did the peacekeepers choose not to intervene?

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Women can build the nation

Women are known for their ability to shoulder responsibilities in their homes; those same traits that enable them to do so can be used to participate in nation building. I’m not going to list what makes women so resilient; instead, I’ll discuss how some traits can affect the community in both negative and positive ways, says Athiek Abraham.