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#UgandaDecides 2016: Youth & Elections



After the recently concluded Ugandan Elections, TIA and Waza asked youth from different walks of life in Kampala to weigh in on the importance of voting, their vision for Uganda, leadership, and what should be the priorities of the electorate.

Henry Otarire, Student Leader
“I don’t think the president has a new message to offer to us as young people.”

Spider MC, Social Worker
“The olds cats cannot leave their offices. The kids are always waiting on the doorway, there is no chance for them. The Politicians that got there are not qualified.”

Godiva Akullo, Lawyer and Blogger
“I am extremely hopeful. Despite all the gains that we have had made as a country, we are still being held back.”


Billy Katungi ,Youth Mentor
“We need checks and balances.”