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Xhosa initiation rite

WATCH: Embracing Xhosa culture: White teen undergoes Xhosa initiation rite

A video of a fluent Xhosa-speaking teenager Chad “Xolani” Baling, 18, who recently successfully participated in a sacred initiation rite of passage ceremony in South Africa has set tongues wagging on social media. Baling lives with a Xhosa family in East London, and he went through the traditional Xhosa ulwaluko initiation rite to manhood. Some social media users have been applauding Chad for embracing a critical part of Xhosa culture, while others users having been critical of the custom calling it “outdated”.

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The Salooni Project: Black women’s hair through the past and into the present and future

‘What practices of self-care and love have been replicated and shared by black girls and women in the styling and braiding of their hair? What collective and individual traumas have we endured and perpetuated as a result of rejection from western hegemonic cultures, and in our own attempts to conform and survive a world in which beauty standards are dictated by Caucasian culture?’ These are some of the themes that the makers of the Salooni multi-disciplinary art project are exploring