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Discord in the Anglican church over same sex marriage

There are differing views about same-sex marriage within the Anglican communion, putting the American and Scottish Episcopal churches at odds with the majority stance on traditional marriage. African Anglican leaders, the Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria, Stanley Ntagali of Uganda and Onesphore Rwaje of Rwanda boycotted the global Anglican Communion meeting, as the rift over same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in the Anglican Church widens.

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Nigerian churches and their role in encouraging patriarchy

“In Christ there is no male or female,” but in many churches across Africa gender inequality is the norm, which is often justified. The church has become a tool which engenders gender segregation, in support of patriarchy. Rape in marriages is hardly addressed, and women are taught to be submissive in marriage. Are churches guilty as charged? How should some of these teachings be challenged and changed? Let’s hear your thoughts on this issue.


Nigeria’s #hallelujahchallenge and the challenges facing its people

When Nathaniel Bassey started the midnight praise challenge tagged #hallelujahchallenge he might not have expected over 62,000 views. The virtual worshipping challenge “is inspired by the biblical story of Paul and Silas”. The challenge has its supporters but it has also been heavily criticised. Some voices like that of Joy Isi Bewaji have called for more practical steps in changing the country instead of individual testimonies that won’t change the state of the nation.


Archbishop Jean Zerbo, 73, of Bamako Mali to be elevated to Cardinal in Pope Francis’s fourth consistory

Pope Francis will on June 28 elevate five Roman Catholic prelates from outside Italy and the Vatican to the rank of Cardinal. Among those to be elevated to Cardinal is Archbishop Jean Zerbo, 73, of Bamako, Mali a significant move. Africa represents about 12.6% of global Catholic population. 90% of Malians are Muslim, and about 5% are Christian of which about two-thirds are Roman Catholic.