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Happy Being Me

In the illustration Chinue Igwe, a biracial Nigerian-American lesbian woman discusses the complexities of coming out the closet. The illustration depicts the prevalent conservative social, cultural and religious attitudes, which are normally used in society as the basis to dismiss homosexuality as a sin or reprehensible behaviour.

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Mental Illness: The Way We See It

Lagos-based poet and mental health specialist Dami Ajayi writes about Yaba Left and the journey of a disused railway building from being an asylum in the 1900s to becoming one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in Nigeria today. He considers the scourge of mental illness in Lagos and the disparities between the perception of mental illness by mental health professionals and members of society at large.

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Mubarak Bala answers questions on his atheism in Nigeria

Islam is sacrosanct in Northern Nigeria. Suffice to say that denouncing the religion can come with dire consequences. It’s just not something you do. Last year, a young man named Mubarak Bala from Kano bravely did just that. He announced he was an atheist and humanist, and rejected Islam. This came with serious consequences, including alienation from family and friends, physical assaults and death threats. It’s been over a year since this happened and TIA wanted to speak to Mubarak to hear what he had to say and to see how he was doing.

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The Politics of Control and Ownership over Women’s Bodies

Discourses that shape reproductive and sexual rights in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is a predominantly conservative and Christian society which, akin to many countries on the continent, supports patriarchal traditional and religious philosophies. These often-restrictive ideologies and practices are deeply entrenched in conventional Christian churches (e.g. Roman Catholic), African Christian churches (e.g. Apostolic and Pentecostal), and African traditional religion, among others.