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Many Africans agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu on assisted suicide: “Utata Tutu is right”

In what suggests a fundamental shift in attitudes, many Africans agree with Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu’s position that terminally ill people deserve the right to decide when they shall die. Archbishop Tutu made his views known last week on the day he turned 85. Many young Africans have come out in support of Tutu on social media, terming his stance brave and humane. What side of the debate are you on and is it time African countries passed laws allowing for assisted suicide?


In Nigeria’s Osun State, school uniforms are the new weapons in a cold war between religions

The topic of school uniforms is known for being dull and unexciting. That is, everywhere else other than Nigeria’s Osun State where school uniforms have become a weird weapon of choice in a battle between Muslims and Christians. Should we all be grateful when people put more deadly weapons aside and instead fight over what religious clothing to wear to the classroom?