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Cartoon | LGBTQI in Africa: Discrimination and homophobia persist

While a few African countries have partly decriminalised LGBTQI persons, giving them better protection, there is still widespread discrimination against people with non-conforming sexual orientations and gender identities.



Acceptance and tolerance for LGBTQI people remains very low in most African countries. The African continent has nearly half of the 69 UN member states that criminalise consensual same-sex activity. The penalties for individuals include death, imprisonment, state-sanctioned sexual orientation examinations, conversion therapies, human rights abuses, and intimidation. 

There are also barriers to freedom of expression on sexual orientation and gender identity issues and to the formation, establishment, or registration of NGOs working for sexual and gender diversity.

More concerning and disconcerting is the emergence in recent years of a worrying trend where African government are adopting even tougher legislation to clampdown on LGBTQI people.

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