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Tanzanian minister: People interested in homosexuality should go live in “countries that entertain such businesses”

Tanzania’s government has since the beginning of John Magufuli’s presidency embarked on series of homophobic statements. Various ministers in government continue to reiterate the statements of President Magufuli who says homosexuality isn’t in the culture of Africans, and people working for organisations supporting the rights of gay people could be arrested.

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The Dinner Club banned in Uganda for “glorifying homosexuality”

The “Dinner Club”; a movie made in the Netherlands and released in 2010; was due for screening at the European Film Festival in Uganda before it was banned by the Media Council for “glorifying homosexuality” which “is against Ugandan values”. Cases of censorship continue across eastern Africa, through restrictive and punitive film regulation policies which curtail works that could elicit critical discussion on the status of governance, human rights and equality in the region.


Stop Playing the Music of Hate

The Bisi Alimi Foundation (BAF) conducted a survey to explore and collect information about current life experiences of LGBT [Lesbians Gay Bisexuals Transgender] Nigerians. The report titled Not Dancing to their Music details the discrimination, harassment and abuse experienced by respondents and makes recommendations of changes needed in the country to ensure security, justice and equality for all.