Kerbino Wol
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Kerbino Wol: From South Sudan child soldier to accomplished entrepreneur

It’s not everyday we hear of a success story of a child soldier who ends up being an accomplished international entrepreneur with a thriving enterprise. Kerbino Wol’s story is an inspiration. Wol is a South Sudanese philanthropist and entrepreneur committed to building a peaceful society in his home country.

South Sudan has been experiencing a lengthy conflict since 2015. In the course of the 21 year civil war that rocked Sudan before South Sudan broke away, child soldiers were part of the rebel armies. A story of hope about Kerbino Wol has however been a source of huge inspiration.

In a profile in the East African, Wol became a child soldier when he was just 13 years-old. He was part of the many South Sudanese boys that went to Ethiopia for training to join the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

During the post-Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Wol (35) guarded the president, vice-president and delegates of South Sudan.

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Out of school child soldiers Photo: constative

Wol established his security firm, Kerbino Agok Security Services (KASS) in 2010 with just $200, with its headquarters in Juba. Kerbino began providing basic security services to local businesses and diplomatic missions. KASS is a 100% South-Sudanese owned company, and boasts one of the largest corporate footprints within South Sudan covering over 200 locations countrywide. Currently, a millionaire in dollars, Wol struggled to establish his security firm. The list of organizations he has worked with is impressive. He has served as a senior security advisor for  USAid projects, the Carter Center and World Vision among others.

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The services KASS offers include guarding, risk management consultancy, cash-in-transit, and vehicle trackers. Wol’s desire to improve his country has made him a huge source of inspiration. In 2015, the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture awarded KASS a Certificate of Appreciation in honour of its outstanding contribution towards economic and social prosperity within this country.

Wol has started a non-governmental organization called Nile Foundation where he empowers the youth of his country through sports, entrepreneurship, education and vocational training programs.

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