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Kylie Kiunguyu is a practicing Public Relations professional that has a penchant for poetry and writing. She is a published contributor of the anthologies "Akello" and "A side of raunch" as well as a fierce hoarder of her more personal pieces that can be found on her blog She describes her poetry as tactile prose that illuminate intense emotions and spaces of every day life


Meet Simukai Chigudu: The newest departmental Lecturer at Oxford Department of International Development

Today we celebrate the academic excellency of Simukai Chigudu, a Zimbabwean scholar who has just been appointed Departmental Lecturer in Development Studies at the Oxford Department of International Development even before submitting his final thesis. Chigudu started out in Oxford by doing an MSc African Studies, before progressing to a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in International Development. Hats off to the African trailblazer.

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Hope for Kenyan women as 3 men who publicly stripped woman are sentenced to death

Three Kenyan men who stripped and attacked a woman have been sentenced to death. The death sentence was imposed after the three were convicted of robbery with violence. Death penalties are still passed in Kenyan courts, but no executions have actually been carried out since 1987. The convicted men will instead serve out the rest of their days in jail. Could the ruling serve as a deterrent?

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Borrow do not steal: Louis Vuitton strikes again this time leaving behind the Maasai shuka for the Basotho blanket

Louis Vuitton has again met with criticism this time from South Africans, after turning the culturally significant Basotho blanket, into the latest fashion trend for men. For the Basotho, the blanket signifies a sacred ritual and normally does not go for more the R1,000 ($77) much less than the Louis Vuitton hefty price tag of R33, 000 ($2,553).

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Period Poverty: Can African countries supply free sanitary products?

The Scottish Government will hand out free sanitary products to those in need as part of a pilot project in Aberdeen in what is essentially the first national government-sponsored effort of its type. Several African countries are on the path to establishing sanitary dignity by providing free sanitary products to low income girls and women. However, there is need for a comprehensive policy framework to tackle the availability of the products and the lack of education and sanitation infrastructure.

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Girls Not Brides: Every Two Seconds a Girl under the Age of 18 is married off – World Bank

A new study from the World Bank has revealed that ending child marriage would reduce population growth, boost girls’ educational achievements and increase their earnings. Each year more than 15 million girls worldwide are married before they turn 18 and experts say these child brides are more likely to be victims of sexual and domestic abuse and become teenage mothers.