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Kylie Kiunguyu is a practicing Public Relations professional that has a penchant for poetry and writing. She is a published contributor of the anthologies "Akello" and "A side of raunch" as well as a fierce hoarder of her more personal pieces that can be found on her blog She describes her poetry as tactile prose that illuminate intense emotions and spaces of every day life


Ethiopia’s blacklisted groups: Terrorists or activists?

With the “intention of widening political space”, Ethiopia’s government is freeing thousands of prisoners accused of a variety of charges, such as terrorism or incitement to topple the government. This includes several senior opposition leaders and members of Ginbot 7, which is among five groups blacklisted under the government’s unreformed anti-terror legislation.


Julius Malema: “Indians see Africans as sub-human”

Julius Malema’s racially charged remarks have been met with mixed reactions. On the one hand, his party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, claimed his comments addressed racial challenges in the country, especially in KwaZulu-Natal. The Democratic Alliance, on the other hand, felt that Malema was using his leadership carelessly to strain racial relationships that have been decades on the mend.

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African art travels where African artists cannot: Evora Africa takes African Art and Music to Portugal

The Evora Africa festival hosted at the historic Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval in Portugal aimed to celebrate the ever-expanding wealth of Africa’s cultural heritage and uncover the many faces of a contemporary Africa, the continent of the future, where sacred rituals of the past merge with urban art of a vibrant, modern and changing world.