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Today is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

Today is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day. Communication has always been an integral part of our continent. Think talking drums, town criers, drawings in caves across Southern Africa, and the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians. The emergence of new communication technologies has changed the face of communication in the continent. The theme for 2017 is “Big Data for Big Impact”. How easy or affordable is it to communicate with your loved ones in your country?

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Happy International Day of Families

Following Mother’s Day , today is the International Day of Families. The family is an integral part of the socialisation of an individual. In most African communities, a lot of importance is placed on the family unit. In most African countries a family consists of a mother and father and their biological children, given that the parents are together (nuclear family). In most rural areas we still have a big family setups, which include the extended family living with the nuclear family. We also have different family setups depending on the circumstances that individuals find themselves in. In celebrating families today we look at how they aid education and well-being as informed by this year’s theme- “Families, education and well-being.”


Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day! What is the State of journalism in your country? Is the media a free space to operate in or is it repressive? Is the media letting you down by churning out falsehoods on a daily basis? How can we ensure that information is shared responsibly and promotes the much needed development on our continent?

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Celebrating May Day

Today is International Worker’s day which is celebrated across many countries globally. The theme for this year is, “Social Dialogue, Economic Growth and National Cohesion”. The day has been kept aside to promote the requirements of eight-hour work day. It celebrates labourers and the working class. While we celebrate or wonder whether to celebrate, let us think of some of these workers who make our world a better place. Happy May Day.