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#Africans4Kenya: 400 African and Diaspora CSOs hold Ruto responsible for killings and abductions of protesters

Africans Rising together with 400 African and Diaspora CSOs are deeply concerned about the events that have recently unfolded in Kenya following the protests against the 2024 Finance bill. Together with those 400 CSOs we have issued a powerful letter to President William Ruto of Kenya, condemning his administration’s handling of recent protests.

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File: William Ruto at WTO Public Forum 2014. Photo credit: World Trade Organization/Flickr/Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)/No changes.

Media Statement
#Africans4Kenya: 400 African and Diaspora CSOs hold Ruto responsible for killings and abductions of protesters 28th June, 2024, Africans Rising has, together with 400 civil society organisations and movements across Africa and the diaspora, sent a strong letter to President Ruto of Kenya.

The letter and the massive support for it show the widespread solidarity of African people for the cause of the Kenyan people against misgovernance, corruption and economic hardship. The letter makes the following specific demands of the Ruto government.

● Stop killing protesters
● Stop the abductions of protesters, produce all those who have been abducted,
investigate and punish perpetrators and desist from such acts.
● Respect the human and constitutional rights of protesters
● All those who have been arrested for protesting must be released immediately and
● Instead of confronting protests with violence, the government can respond to the
protesters’ demands against over-taxation, corruption and misgovernance.

The letter notes that “even though the protests have abated, concerns remain that participants in the protests do not feel safe”. It mentions the track record of Kenyan security forces following up on organisers of protests, intimidating, abducting and abusing their human rights, and cautions the government that the coalition will monitor and take on any post-protest acts of abuse.


“We believe that in the spirit of Ubuntu, whatever affects one African affects all Africans”, the letter concluded.

Access the letter and list of signatories via this link
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