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Call for Submissions and Articles — Climate Justice Series

Do you have any notable experience in covering social justice issues including but not limited to Climate Justice? This Is Africa in collaboration with African Crossroads solicits articles, cartoons and illustrations for publication as part of a Climate Justice series.



While the work to raise awareness on Climate Justice and build Climate Justice solutions continues to increase, there are many key factors and issues to consider in thinking and talking about Climate Justice in the African context.

The overarching question that  the content seeks to answer and speak to is: What does Climate Justice mean for the larger African continent, local communities across Africa and individuals in urban, semi-urban, and rural settings?

This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience on this important subject and work with us to help make a difference.

Who Can Apply?


Articles are particularly solicited from knowledgeable writers, but anyone with relevant experience and credentials on the topic area is invited to submit an expression of interest.

What’s Included?

The articles should be between 1,000 — 1,500 words maximum in English. Successful articles will be remunerated at a flat rate of Euro  € 100 per article to be paid upon publication.

Successful Visual illustrators will be remunerated at a flat rate of Euro  € 50 per output.

Selected pieces will be published on & affiliate platforms.



Writers are invited to address Climate Justice issues, implications of Climate Change on African urban and rural communities and the themes to be explored include:

  • Understanding Climate Justice. Growing and mainstreaming awareness and understanding of Climate Justice, focussing on various climate risks and solutions.
  • Democratising Climate Justice— Further breaking down the concept of Climate Justice and availing more relatable information about Climate Justice.
  • New thinking on community—led responses: Celebrating African climate warriors, those individuals and collectives fighting and leading the Climate Justice movements and highlighting innovative practices and initiatives.
  • As Climate Change risks intensify, what are the ongoing wholesome innovative adaptation initiatives to Climate Change across Africa for sustainable impact? 
  • Adaptation and mitigation technologies for African communities, local concerns and priorities.
  • Climate Justice raises issues around culture. What cultural practices do we begin to call into question as we take on our role as custodians of natural resources?
  • With current examples, highlight the numerous dangers of not protecting our natural resources and the benefits of protecting our natural resources.
  • What are the various roles of local and indigenous knowledge in addressing Climate Change and advancing Climate Justice?

These themes are only indicative and they have been identified to guide the scope of the articles, cartoons and illustrations. 

Expression of interest

Should you be interested in contributing an article, cartoon or illustration to the thematic issues, please follow the link: APPLY NOW

For questions please contact:


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