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Rwanda to sue 300 govt officials for embezzlement

Earlier this month, Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye, announced the government’s plans to sue 300 public servants over mismanagement of state funds. The government is currently battling to recover Rwf3 billion ($4,4 million) lost through irregular expenditure

Justice Minister Johnson Busingye’s move comes amid rising concerns of continued wasteful expenditure and mismanagement of public funds by government institutions as highlighted by the Auditor General’s report of June 2013 to 30 April 2014, reports The Independent.

Already, the Ministry of Justice has released a list of government officials found culpable of corruption. More than 120 individuals who have been implicated by the courts are listed.

The audit report by the office of auditor general indicates that there are persistent weaknesses in preparation of financial statements and many errors were noted during the audits. And what bothers most, according to AG findings, is the failure to implement recommendations proposed by AG office to some institutions.

“The high level of wasteful, unauthorised and irregular expenditure is totaling to Rwf 3,207,188,658 ($4,67 million) and increasing cases of fraudulent transactions where Rwf 1,092,490,786 ($1,6 million) in fraudulent cases identified since 2011 have not been recovered,” Obadiah Biraro, the auditor general noted in his report. The other concern highlighted in the audit report relate to persistent weaknesses reported in management of government assets that resulted in stolen assets worth Rwf 660,573,078 ($960,000) and idle assets not in use worth Rwf 1,162,132,816 ($1,69 million) .

President Paul Kagame had said earlier while addressing Parliament that his government will not tolerate corrupt individuals and warning that those involved would face the law. The President empathised that not only should corrupt officials be prosecuted but should also be asked to return the resources they have embezzled.

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