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Model Villages for the poor of Rwanda

Semi-permanent homes or thatched houses are a staple in African villages but leave dwellers open to the elements and without necessary amenities, Rwanda’s model villages seeks to change that. Rwanda’s Vision 2020, says at least 70 per cent of Rwandans in rural areas will be living in planned settlements by the year 2020.


Africa and unequal global power relations: Legacy of Berlin Conference intact

The West has consistently survived on good public relations, seemingly with good intentions; foreign aid, donations to refugee camps and a host of other seemingly good political and humanitarian gestures. But the agenda of the Berlin Conference, 100 years later is still intact, divide, conquer and get as much wealth as possible while Africans fight wars and the world watches.

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The Western Media’s Coverage of Africa Disturbing

The Western media is Africa’s number one enemy. Its reportage on Africa is consistently biased, cementing stereotypes that Africa has a leadership crisis, and the continent is incapable of producing outstanding leaders. Without understanding specific geopolitical variables, it has consistently demonised its leaders, Muammar Gaddafi, Patrice Lumumba come to mind and now Rwanda’s Paul Kagame.


Rwanda: Paul Kagame gets re-elected with landslide victory

Rwandans have affirmed their confidence in their leader Paul Kagame by giving him 98% of their votes. Kagame’s popularity in the country has consistently been high.The possibility of Kagame staying in power till 2034 seems realistic. Although criticised by outsiders as an autocratic leader, for many Rwandans and Africans, Kagame exhibits qualities of competent leaders Africa needs.