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Social media reflections on Youth Day: What does the day mean?

As South Africa celebrates Youth Day in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the June 16, 1976 Soweto Uprising when students protested against the racist and unjust bantu education system, we ask what the day means to you? We look at contributions on social media to understand what the day means to South Africans as they reflect on the sacrifices made, take stock of the current state of affairs and hopes for the future.



Youth day remains one of the most important public holidays on South Africa’s calendar. On this day in 1976, unarmed student took to the streets of Soweto to peacefully protest against the racist and unjust bantu education system. The defenceless students were ruthlessly shot at by the Apartheid police and many lost their lives.

As the country commemorates the bravery and selflessness of the young people who sacrificed their lives in South Africa’s liberation struggle, we ask our readers what the day mean for them. We also ask our readers to evaluate the progress which has been made to construct a prosperous, safe, free, just and equitable society.

While there is tangible progress which has been made, key issues such as poverty, corruption, crime, access to quality and affordable education, land, high unemployment amongst other pressing matters remain a challenge. We take a look at some of the messages on social media celebrating the day but also highlighting the challenges the country faces.




Oppression: Reflecting on the unjust and oppressive Apartheid regime.


Celebrating freedom.


Respecting struggle heroes. Remembering the young people who sacrificed their lives during the struggle for freedom.

Our selection of  messages which highlight the prevailing challenges on access to quality and affordable education and corruption