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WATCH: South Africa’s post apartheid white slums

20 years after the fall of apartheid in South Africa, the government has shifted policy to attempt to “balance out the scales” from the injustices of the past. As a result, more job opportunities lean in favour towards the country’s previously disadvantaged. This has affected both white and black communities, as this video shows



British-Ghanaian TV presenter Reggie Yates recently visited South Africa to find out how post-apartheid South Africa has affected some of the country’s white and black citizens.

In the video documentary, Yates meets with members of South Africa’s upwardly mobile black middle class and also talks to some of the country’s white citizens who have been disadvantaged by the demise of apartheid. Some of the white citizens decry the lack opportunity as “reverse racism” and some even go to the extent of claiming that things were better for black people too during apartheid.

The video does not accurately represent the general state of things in the country and acknowledges that the country is still unequal (more than half of the country’s land is owned by the white minority for example) but it’s interesting enough to hear a non-South African’s viewpoints on the subject.

[youtube id=”Ega_poNZY-4″ mode=”normal”]