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Tanzania to ditch English as medium of instruction in public schools

In an audacious move that is to revolutionise Tanzania’s primary and secondary education, the country’s Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has decided to ditch English as the medium of instruction in its schools

The brazen new policy will see Kiswahili become the new lingua franca in Tanzania schools, discarding English as medium of instruction.

The changes were launched by President Jakaya Kikwete on Saturday and include:

  • Extending basic education from seven years to eleven
  • Abolishing national examinations for primary school leavers
  • Free education at primary and secondary levels
  • Kiswahili to replace English as medium of instruction

According to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Prof Sifuni Mchome, the new education system will incorporate vocational education in the basic education syllabus so that students who do not make it to Form Five have skills to contribute to the development of the country.

But extensive preparations will have to be implemented before the language change takes effect, meaning it could be decades before Kiswahili is fully established in schools.

Source: The Citizen



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