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International Albinism Awareness Day: #NoGhosts

People with albinism face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide. The United Nations reports that Sub-Saharan Africa has more people with albinism with an estimated 1 in 1,400 people being affected in Tanzania and prevalence as high as 1 in 1,000 reported for select populations in Zimbabwe, and for other specific ethnic groups in Southern Africa. Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically leading to an unsafe environment for people with albinism particularly in Africa. We have to remind each other that people with albinism are no ghosts but human beings.


Mother’s Day 2017: Google celebrates motherhood with a special ‘cactus mom’ doodle

Today Africans across the continent celebrate Mother’s Day. Google used its doodle to pay tribute to mothers. The animated doodle shows the story of a cactus mom through various stages of motherhood. The doodle honours mothers across the world and celebrates the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world, and we thank you for all the sacrifices, and love.

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Tanzania fires 10,000 civil servants over fake qualifications

Tanzanian President John Magufuli last week fired almost 10 000 civil servants because they had forged their educational qualifications. Magufuli reportedly said the vacant posts would be filled urgently by “qualified persons” The dismissal has been welcomed by many, seen as step in the right direction, which signals strong leadership and political will to effectively get rid of corruption. Since taking office Magufuli has been praised for taking bold steps, aimed at fighting corruption, profligacy, malfeasance and strengthening public sector transparency and accountability.