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Kenya bans use of plastic bags to protect environment

Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags for commercial and household packing, becoming the latest African country to outlaw the plastic-bag carriers. The ban is expected to play a key role in helping to protect the environment. Kenya now joins Rwanda, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritania and Malawi, countries that have issued similar bans.


Tanzania: Broadcaster suspends 9 journalists over Trump fake news

Nine journalists from a public broadcaster in Tanzania, Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), were suspended following the publication of a fake news story alleging that U.S. President Donald Trump had praised the Tanzanian President John Magufuli as an “African hero”. The issue of fake news has become topical, and the suspension highlights the need for journalists to adhere to the highest ethical codes to provide fair, verified, and accurate news.


Tanzanian government suspends HIV programs for gay community

The Tanzanian government has suspended U.S. funded AIDS programs for the gay community in what is seen as a crackdown on homosexuals in Tanzania. The suspension was followed by the closure of all 40 health centres which provided AIDS-related services to homosexuals. In most African countries there have been sharp divisions over homosexuality and authorities have consistently escalated their campaigns against homosexuality.


Tanzanian tour guide arrested for negative translation of tourist’s comment

Tanzania has arrested a tour guide after a video emerged of the guide making fake and negative translation of a tourist’s comments. The tourist, a woman spoke in English in the video, which has gone viral commending the country for its beautiful people, cultures and landscapes. The guide instead says in Swahili that the tourist wants Tanzanians to stop “complaining” about hunger.


Makonde community granted citizenship, officially recognized Kenya’s 43rd ethnic group

The Makonde ethnic group, until yesterday was not an officially recognized ethnic group in Kenya. Despite their existence in the country before independence, and the promise by Kenya’s founding father, Jomo Kenyatta, to officially include them as citizens of the country, it was only yesterday that that promise was fulfilled. Members of the community were issued with identity cards, officially making the Makonde community the 43rd ethnic group in Kenya.


WhatWouldLunguDo? Zambian Pres Edgar Lungu slashes salary by half

Zambian President Edgar Lungu has slashed his salary by half as part of a proposed austerity drive. However, the Presidency has not revealed how the funds saved through the salary cut will be spent. There have been mixed reactions on social media with some users applauding President Lungu, making suggestions on how the funds can be reallocated. However, others have been critical of the pay-cut labelling it a grandstanding gesture.


“I stand by the ICC”, Kofi Annan says

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has weighed in on the ongoing debate about the relevance of the the International Criminal Court (ICC), after damaging withdrawals from the institution by three African countries. Annan said Africa needs the Court more than ever “because the most heinous crimes must not go unpunished”. Annan has previously argued that the ICC does not target Africa, and victims of heinous crimes, and others who cannot get justice in their domestic courts should have a provision to seek justice abroad.