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Tanzanian police find bags of human body parts

Tanzanian police apprehended eight people in connection with 85 refuse bags stuffed with human body parts – including limbs, fingers and skulls – found dumped in a landfill



The black refuse bags were discovered on Monday in a suburb of the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

“We have arrested eight suspects in connection with the 85 bags found in Kinondoni area of Dar es Salaam,” city police chief Suleiman Kova told reporters, “We are detaining them for interrogation over the alleged dumping of the human body parts”.

The number of bodies found has yet to be established but each bin bag contained several kilograms of flesh.

Those arrested were reported to work at a private medical teaching college.


Kova said that the flesh found in the bags was not fresh. “I can’t say how many human bodies were there, but we have taken them to Muhimbili National Hospital for further testing,” he said. “They were dry and produced no smell.”

Source: Independent Online