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Uganda to introduce cable cars in capital

City planners in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, are considering addressing the city’s traffic congestion problems with the introduction of intercity cable cars



During peak hour in Kampala, driving a two kilometre stretch can take one as long as one hour. Such is the nature of the traffic congestion that clogs up the east African country’s capital.

The Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) has sought to confront this problem in an unusual way. They have already begun carrying out feasibility studies for a pilot cable car system expected to have a network that extends from the city centre to a number of suburbs.

Jennifer Musisi, the KCCA’s executive director, said the authority was focusing its energy on the reduction of the capital’s congested roads, and improving public transport.

Musisi dismissed reports that the plan to introduce the system would be unrealistic.


“Some people think it is impossible [but] it is possible to introduce cable cars in Kampala,” she said.

“Most of us welcome the idea” said a local city councilor, Nelson Mukasa,”at peak hours it takes over an hour for one to drive two kilometres.”

In support of the project, Uganda’s cabinet in May approved a $175 million loan from the World Bank to buy intercity cable cars for Kampala.

Source: The Africa Report