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Who pinched my buttocks? Stella Nyanzi speaks from jail

Ugandan academic and activist Stella Nyanzi celebrates her 45th birthday in jail. She has been in prison since November 2, 2018, where she has been detained for allegedly insulting President Yoweri Museveni. We share with you her three poems written from her prison cell.


A soul-less ape-like monster

Sits at the helm of power in our state house

Just like a limelight intoxicated superstar

He saturates our public media with vows

Although the masses know he’s a lying fraudster

They clap their hands and gasp with “Wows!”

The news is flooded with the smooth lying gangster

He’s wiped out all truths – sucked them as a louse.

Against loud lies of the presidential broadcaster

Truth is only given in the squeaks of a mouse.

Press freedom in Uganda is a quack.

Speaking truth is punished at large.

Journalists shot dead during work,

Newsmen arrested without charge,

Media houses raided in the dark,

News cameras destroyed with guns,

Press house licences taken back,

Critical journalists gagged,

News anchors whipped on the back,

Truth tellers detained en masse.

Stella Nyanzi

LWP – 17th May 2019


Let me do my bit to the best of my ability.

Do your bit, too, as well as you can.

Those who speak the language of diplomacy

Should not seal the mouths of singers of ragga.

Those who fast and pray and intercede

Should not drive demons out of nude protestors.

Those who mend legislations and policies

Should not tax those who tweet and Facebook.

Oil the cotter pins of your big and small guns

But let me grow my finger nail that pinch.

Develop your petitions and propaganda

But let me sharpen my finger nails for duty.

When my time comes I want to be effective.

The dictator will say, “Who pinched my buttocks?”

Stella Nyanzi.


Have you ever worn a fresh sanitary pad,

Bled your menstrual flow onto it,

Failed to change the now soiled sanitary pad

Until it got drenched and burnt you between the thighs

Eow! You are right.

It is disgustingly revolting.

Now hearken!

That’s how desperately we need to change regimes

33 years of Dictator Museveni lording it over Ugandans

Is akin to a dirty drenched sanitary pad

Remaining stuck between a woman’s legs.

When the dictator asks for more time as president

It is akin to the dirty drenched sanitary

Pad asking for more time between my legs.

When the dictator clings onto power with his iron fist

It is akin to the dirty drenched sanitary

Pad sticking stubbornly between my thighs.

Just as women remove their sanitary pads,

So shall we dispose of this dictator!

Stella Nyanzi.


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