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Cartoon: UN condemns violence in Cameroon and commends calls for dialogue

The death toll has risen in Cameroon’s English-speaking region following clashes between security forces and protesters calling for independence. Rights group Amnesty International says at least 17 people were killed in clashes. People in the region have been pushing for independence from Cameroon after protesting of years of marginalization by the dominant French-speaking region. President Paul Biya on his Facebook page condemned the violence and called for dialogue. The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has also strongly condemned the violence and commended the calls for a discussion on the issues raised by protesters.

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Divided Cameroon, relic of colonialism: A reverse Quebec in Africa?

The relics of colonialism are dispersed all over the continent, language being one of them. Cameroon’s anglophone population has protested about facing discrimination and under representation over the years. On October 1, the English speaking region declared their independence from Cameroon in peaceful protests. The protests on October 1 ended with more people dead and more division in the country. The crisis which is rooted in colonialism is far from over.

Kamaru Usman

Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman knocks out Sergio Moraes and declares: “I am a problem in the division!”

African athletes are flexing in boxing with fighters such as Dereck Chisora, Samuel Peter and recently Anthony Joshua making a mark in the sport. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) (mixed martial arts) is not as popular on the continent as boxing, but with the recent win of Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman, the exciting sport might attract new African audiences.