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Speaking truth to power, Fela Kuti’s enduring legacy: A lesson in governance

Kalakutta’s President Fela Anikulapo Kuti has been proclaimed as one of the greatest icons to come out of Africa. The proclamation is undisputed. The king of Afrobeat music was a constant thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian government and till today, everything Fela sang about remains relevant. Tell us what you think of the legendary musician and his music in relation to Nigeria.


Arrest warrant issued for ex Malawian Pres Joyce Banda over alleged abuse of office

Malawi police have issued an arrest warrant and are searching for former President Joyce Banda over alleged abuse of office and money laundering offences during her term in office. Malawi is taking steps to actualize the alleviation of corruption and confront perpetrators of “Cashgate” through a string of investigations and criminal trials launched against civil servants, business people and now former President Banda.

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No place to hide: What reformed Swiss banking law and monitoring of local funds transfers means for grand corruption in Africa

Over the years, Africans have watched helplessly as large sums – sometimes in the billions of US dollars – were stolen with impunity from public coffers. This money then seemed to just vanish into thin air. However, as veteran Kenyan journalist Wycliffe Muga reports from Nairobi, without much fanfare, the noose has steadily been tightening on all such beneficiaries of official corruption.