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Slum School is in Session

In Nigeria, 10,5 million children are not in school. Those who live in slums are at greater risk of growing up uneducated. While one non-profit social development organisation is working to solve the problem by taking education to their doorstep, the government shows little sign of following suit.

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Happy International Day of Families

Following Mother’s Day , today is the International Day of Families. The family is an integral part of the socialisation of an individual. In most African communities, a lot of importance is placed on the family unit. In most African countries a family consists of a mother and father and their biological children, given that the parents are together (nuclear family). In most rural areas we still have a big family setups, which include the extended family living with the nuclear family. We also have different family setups depending on the circumstances that individuals find themselves in. In celebrating families today we look at how they aid education and well-being as informed by this year’s theme- “Families, education and well-being.”

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Zimbabwe allows payment of school fees with goats

Parents in Zimbabwe who cannot raise tuition fees for their children can offer livestock such as goats as payment or offer their skills to the schools, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora recently revealed. Dr Dokora was quoted by local press saying, “On the issue of livestock, the community has to arrange a market where everyone participates; from the school authorities, local leadership and parents themselves to avoid parents being duped.” The country is currently going through a crippling cash crisis, and efforts by the Central Bank to ease the liquidity crunch have been fruitless. The livestock-for-fees proposal has been met with mixed emotions in the country, and on social media, welcomed by some but heavily criticised by others as a desperate move.


Zimbabwe bans children corporal punishments at school and home

Zimbabwe’s High Court has banned corporal punishment at school and home. The ruling comes after disgruntled parents complained following the thorough beating of their children, some as young as six years old by teachers. While the ruling has been widely hailed, some conservative voices have been vocal against the abolition of corporal punishment and continue to buy into the belief, spoil the rod and spoil the child.