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Borrow do not steal: Louis Vuitton strikes again this time leaving behind the Maasai shuka for the Basotho blanket

Louis Vuitton has again met with criticism this time from South Africans, after turning the culturally significant Basotho blanket, into the latest fashion trend for men. For the Basotho, the blanket signifies a sacred ritual and normally does not go for more the R1,000 ($77) much less than the Louis Vuitton hefty price tag of R33, 000 ($2,553).


University of Lagos bans short and tight fitting clothes

The University of Lagos has introduced a controversial new dress code for its students, banning dresses which are too tight, too short, or expose sensitive parts of the body. Students have condemned the ban, and the new dress code has also caused an outrage on social media. The circular makes specific reference to the types of clothes prohibited for men and men. Do you think university management should dictate to students what to wear?


Meet Tafadzwa Moyo: First Zimbabwean to exhibit at the International Fashion Showcase

For the first time, Zimbabwe will be represented at the International Fashion Showcase (IFS). IFS will host its sixth edition in London at the Somerset House where emerging designers from 28 countries will exhibit their talent. The founder of Kidd Hunta clothing, Tafadzwa Moyo, the first Zimbabwean to participate at IFS will be in London to showcase his remarkable work. We wish Tafadzwa Moyo all the best.

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Interview: If you are passionate about the new Africa then wear African-made fashion

Kenyan fashion house KikoRomeo under its visionary founder and Head Designer Ann McCreath has helped put African fashion on the map for more than twenty years. KikoRomeo, is the biggest name in fashion in Kenya, McCreath’s adopted home, and the brand just had its best showing yet at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Johannesburg. In her first ever interview with This Is Africa, McCreath opens up about her brand’s continental ambitions, the state of the fashion industry in Africa and why leaders on the continent really need to start walking the talk when it comes to promoting “brand Africa”