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The extent of Africa’s brain drain worrying. Cartoon: Mike Asukwo.
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The extent of Africa’s brain drain worrying

A country and continent’s true strength and potential is its young people. Currently at 1.2 billion, Africa’s population is projected to more than double by 2050. However, with the population increase comes new opportunities and challenges. Brain drain has increasingly become one of Africa’s biggest problems. The continent is suffering from brain drain as its young, skilled workers depart from the region, is search of greener pastures, leaving skilled and educated professionals in short supply. Last year the IMF in its World Economic Outlook report noted that the outflow of skilled labour and young people seeking better educational opportunities outside the continent’s borders will continue rising, and the trend is worrying.


Afrophobia: South Africa betrays legacy of Ubuntu and Pan-Africanism proponents

South Africa is turmoil, and the safety and security of African migrants remains precarious following violent anti-immigrants attacks. The xenophobic (Afrophobic) attacks are not new, and the resurgence of attacks on fellow African nationals reveals a problematic phenomenon, an unreasonable and unjustifiable fear and hatred of African immigrants. The attacks on African nationals is incongruent with the spirit of Ubuntu, is at odds at odds with the values embraced by the Constitution, and flies in the face the Pan-Africanism values espoused by the country’s founding heroes and heroines.