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Mbeki and Dangote launch AfroChampions Initiative on regional growth

The Africa rising narrative is hinged on Africa being economically integrated. The AfroChampions Initiative is set to mobilise African multinationals to accelerate the economic integration of the continent. The president of the AfroChampions Club is Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote and former leader of South Africa Thabo Mbeki is the president of the AfricaChampions Initiative, setup to mobilise African multinationals to drive economic integration.


African passport for African Heads of State

The Pan-African passport launched in July last year was created to facilitate the ease of movement between African countries. Unfortunately, the passport availed to Heads of States and diplomats has not been made accessible to the citizens who need it the most. For the majority of Africans, the African passport remains a pipe dream, still a preserve for a few.


Afrophobia: South Africa betrays legacy of Ubuntu and Pan-Africanism proponents

South Africa is turmoil, and the safety and security of African migrants remains precarious following violent anti-immigrants attacks. The xenophobic (Afrophobic) attacks are not new, and the resurgence of attacks on fellow African nationals reveals a problematic phenomenon, an unreasonable and unjustifiable fear and hatred of African immigrants. The attacks on African nationals is incongruent with the spirit of Ubuntu, is at odds at odds with the values embraced by the Constitution, and flies in the face the Pan-Africanism values espoused by the country’s founding heroes and heroines.