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Sorry, But My Country Is Ugly

What lofty and enduring dream could sprout in us when we have become accustomed to squalor, habituated to decrepitude, made our peace with detritus? What hope is there for us when we fetishise Dubai and flaunt our expensive Louis Vuitton handbags, and yet fail to realise that our country has become—is—an endless open toilet, overflowing with septic sludge? Okey Ndibe chronicles his recent visit to Nigeria, which he describes as a “nightmare”.

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Throwing a Lavish Party for the Dead

I have said this before: one of the hardest tasks is to predict how Nigerians would react in any given situation. We are a perplexing bunch, able to defy the most skilled pontificator. Imagine, then, my constant frustration. As one who has written for years on Nigerian affairs, I am often asked—both by audiences in Nigeria and abroad—to pronounce on the likely turn of events in my country of birth.


Stealing Africa: The case for wiping out all debt

The amount of wealth flowing out of Africa is ten times the amount the continent receives in foreign assistance. This is the only argument African countries need to make when advocating for debt forgiveness. Through tax dodges like “transfer pricing”, big multinationals pay more taxes in the West than they do in Africa while carting away its resources. How long shall Africa allow this to continue?

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Dr. Kanayo Nwanze: Can we be really proud as Africans when millions of our people go to bed hungry every day?

If you’re looking for unsung African heroes working outside of the limelight to move the continent forward, you shouldn’t look any further than Dr. Kanayo Nwanze. The Nigerian is the winner of the inaugural the Africa Food Prize, a US $100,000 award created to recognise Africans leading the way in improving food security on the continent. Dr Nwanze said it was a shame that millions across the continent still go to bed hungry and dedicated his prize to women for their contribution to agriculture in Africa