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Throwing a Lavish Party for the Dead

I have said this before: one of the hardest tasks is to predict how Nigerians would react in any given situation. We are a perplexing bunch, able to defy the most skilled pontificator. Imagine, then, my constant frustration. As one who has written for years on Nigerian affairs, I am often asked—both by audiences in Nigeria and abroad—to pronounce on the likely turn of events in my country of birth.

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Teenage pregnancy and challenges to the realisation of sexual and reproductive rights in Nigeria

High prevalence of adolescent pregnancies is a great concern, both as a health risk and a challenge to the realisation of girls’ sexual and reproductive rights in sub-Saharan countries. By 2030, according to a report by the United Nations Population Fund, there will be 26 million more adolescent girls in the world. The largest absolute national increases in adolescent girls will mostly happen in sub-Saharan African countries, with Nigeria at the top of the list. At least one of every five adolescent girls aged 15 to19 has given birth, according the 2014 Nigerian National Demographic Survey.