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King Mswati III prefers a ban on divorce in Swaziland

King Mswati III, Swaziland’s King and Head of the Swazi Royal Family, has echoed strong sentiments against divorce. The King revealed his anti-divorce beliefs during an Easter meeting with local pastors at his Engabezweni Royal Residence. There are concerns that if tabled, the King’s anti-divorce views could become law, and women would be greatly affected if divorce is banned.


Ghana reveals a proposal to decriminalize the use of marijuana

Ghana has revealed that a bill to decriminalize the use of marijuana has been tabled before parliament. Under the proposal, marijuana users and those addicted to the drug will receive medical care and rehabilitation, rather than prosecution. However, the scope of the decriminalisation is yet to be revealed, and it’s not clear if the decriminalisation will allow the medicinal use of marijuana. We ask, is a legal and regulated marijuana industry a feasible and good idea?


Shade alert: Botswana President Ian Khama calls Robert Mugabe too old to lead

African leaders don’t throw shade at each other. That is rule number one in the “African president’s handbook”. Botswana President Ian Khama must not have bothered to read up. In a diplomatically risky move, Khama has blasted his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe for clinging to power and urged him to make way for younger blood. Khama also chided Mugabe for not being able to “keep up” anymore and called the the economic conditions that have forced many Zimbabweans to seek greener pastures a “burden” on the region. Is this healthy criticism or does Khama owe Mugabe an apology?