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WhatWouldLunguDo? Zambian Pres Edgar Lungu slashes salary by half

Zambian President Edgar Lungu has slashed his salary by half as part of a proposed austerity drive. However, the Presidency has not revealed how the funds saved through the salary cut will be spent. There have been mixed reactions on social media with some users applauding President Lungu, making suggestions on how the funds can be reallocated. However, others have been critical of the pay-cut labelling it a grandstanding gesture.


Stealing Africa: The case for wiping out all debt

The amount of wealth flowing out of Africa is ten times the amount the continent receives in foreign assistance. This is the only argument African countries need to make when advocating for debt forgiveness. Through tax dodges like “transfer pricing”, big multinationals pay more taxes in the West than they do in Africa while carting away its resources. How long shall Africa allow this to continue?

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Authorities in Zambia shut down private TV and radio stations

Zambia and Zimbabwe were both colonised by the British and exploited by the same megalomaniac, Cecil John Rhodes. Zambia used to be known as Northern Rhodesia, while its southern neighbour was known as Southern Rhodesia. Both countries are ruled by parties with Patriotic Front in its name. Do the similarities end there? Maybe not. Both parties do not seem to love private media.