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SA artist Percy Maimela breaks Guinness World Record for largest coffee sketch

South African artist Percy Maimela broke the Guinness World Record for the largest artwork made from coffee. The artist created a picture of his compatriot, DJ Black Coffee using nothing but ground coffee in a remarkable feat.



South African artist Percy Maimela is a Guinness World Record holder after creating the largest ground coffee mosaic in the world.

The artist created a picture of his compatriot DJ Black Coffee using nothing but coffee in a remarkable feat.

Commenting on the achievement Maimela told eNCA, “This was my first experiment with coffee and it came out perfect. I love what I do, whatever goes on in my mind it’s magic, I actually talk to the art, but I couldn’t because it’s public”.

The coffee sketch was exhibited for a few days at Sandton City before being removed.


Maimela had wise words to share telling EWN, “It’s not about me. It’s about all of us using our potential to create what we can. I am an artist but someone else might be a soccer player. If you’re a soccer player, for example, focus on what you’re doing and ensure you’re enjoying it”.

Maimela had a keen interest in art since he was young. The interest grew with age and he engaged in painting, pencil and pen drawings and paper mache.  With no formal art qualification, Maimela took a huge risk, quitting his retail job to focus on his craft.

He uses various mediums to express his art. Besides using salt, he said he can make use of any powdered material.


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When This is Africa asked him what made him leave his job in an interview in 2017, he told us, “I always knew I would leave. The decision just came eventually”.

Maimela’s artistic talents are evident, and he is getting the recognition he deserves, and the Guinness World Record is testament to his talent and perseverance.