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South African author Solly Ozrovech dies at 88

Lauded “More Than Conquerors” author (Solly Ozrovech) died this week at 88 years of age, after an impressive career that included writing over 200 books



South African author Solly Ozrovech suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, but died from heart and kidney failure on Wednesday morning.

“He’s been one of South Africa’s oldest and most beloved and valued authors. He was born a polish Jew and then he converted to the Christian faith at the age of 16,” said Sua Duplessis who is affiliated with Ozrovech’s publisher (Christian Arts Distributer).

Acknowledged by the Andrew Murray Prize Fund “as the most-read Christian writer in South Africa today”, Ozrovech is known for his work More Than Conquerors, and published over 200 books during his career.

Ozrovech is survived by his spouse, Louise, four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


Source: Eyewitness News and Channel 24