Chinue Igwe

About the Author Chinue Igwe

Chinue Igwe is a biracial Nigerian-American lesbian woman living in Oakland, CA. She graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality and currently works at a mental health non-profit. During her personal time, she volunteers with the GLBT National Help Hotline and writes for two different Nigerian LGBTQ organizations. When she’s not working, she’s belting her heart out to Tracy Chapman and shamelessly curating an ever-expanding shoe collection.

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Happy Being Me

In the illustration Chinue Igwe, a biracial Nigerian-American lesbian woman discusses the complexities of coming out the closet. The illustration depicts the prevalent conservative social, cultural and religious attitudes, which are normally used in society as the basis to dismiss homosexuality as a sin or reprehensible behaviour.