Dami Ajayi

About the Author Dami Ajayi

Dami Ajayi is a doctor, poet and music critic writing from Lagos.

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Should there be a health warning on the bitters that promise to enhance male sexual performance?

The link between the masculine ego and male erection is well known. What is less known is that pursuing sexual performance at all costs might be damaging to one’s health. Dami Ajayi weighs in on the numerous local practices that Lagos men resort to ensure that they satisfy themselves and their partners within the four corners of their privacy.

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Mental Illness: The Way We See It

Lagos-based poet and mental health specialist Dami Ajayi writes about Yaba Left and the journey of a disused railway building from being an asylum in the 1900s to becoming one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in Nigeria today. He considers the scourge of mental illness in Lagos and the disparities between the perception of mental illness by mental health professionals and members of society at large.