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Kagure Mugo is co founder and curator of HOLAAfrica!, writer, media consultant and wine bar arm chair philosopher.

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Abortion is not going away, no matter how much you gag it

Around the world, abortions are happening by the millions. In some cases they happen safely; in some they are done with bleach and herbs. It is a contentious issue, with people falling hard into the pro-choice or pro-life camp. Fact is, abortion is not going away, and simply not speaking about it or not allowing it makes the problem far worse. This is not a debate about ‘loose women’ or ‘loose morals’ but about the best way to keep women alive and safe.


Discop day 1: ‘Women need to take a seat at the media table and give a nod’

The representation and role of women in media is a contentious issue at best and borderline hopeless at worst. With films, music and TV often depicting women as tearing each other down, needing to be saved or simply playing a background role; the need to reconfigure how women are represented and stories are told within these public platforms is key, especially within the continent.